Friday, 18 May 2012


This morning and the first part of the afternoon I worked on an article for my photo tips website.

For the rest of the afternoon I did some work on my photo website. I need to update it to FTP the files to a different server instead of moving them to a different folder on the same server. So I did this, but found it didn't work as I hadn't compiled PHP with FTP support.

So I will need to recompile PHP, but since it is about 1½ years since I last updated it, I thought I might as well install the latest version. And then I might as well install the latest versions of all the libs that PHP requires. And then I might as well install the latest version of Mysql (I'm currently using an old 5.4 beta). So doing all that will probably take me most of tomorrow. And if there are problems (there usually are), then probably even longer.

In the evening I watched an episode of 24 with Mauser and Bo. After that we did Sculpey while listening to Liz and Will on HFM.

After that I tried fixing a radio flash trigger that wasn't working. But when I opened it up, all the connections seemed okay. I tested it and it worked okay. I put it back together, and it still worked. Very strange as I tested it before taking it apart, and it definitely wasn't working. Still, at least it seems to be fixed now, even though I didn't do anything fix-worthy to it.

Also today, Shaz and Mark came to visit for a couple of days.

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