Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Annoying banks

Today was quite annoying as I realised how much a missed credit card payment had cost me. I pay the card off by Direct Debit, but I didn't have enough money in my current account when the card company tried to take the payment for last month's bill. This resulted in the bank charging me for the attempt to withdraw more money than was in the account, and rejecting the payment. The card company then charged me for the rejected payment, a late payment fee, and interest on the amount. Altogether it cost me about £100. Doh!

I'll have to try and pay more attention to my card bills and make sure there's always plenty of money the current account to cover it. Normally I just put the bills to one side to look at later as I've got loads of other stuff I need to be getting on with.

In the evening today I started writing an article for my photo tips website, to replace the article I wrote earlier in the week that was a duplicate.

I also watched 'Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa' with Billy, which was quite good. We watched it on a free Amazon Prime trial. It refused to play the video in HD because apparently the TV is not HDCP compatible. And it refused to play it at all when the computer's monitor was switched off! It certainly doesn't make you want to pay for Amazon Prime.

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