Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Neutral Bye for now

This morning I was writing an article for my photography tips website. In the afternoon I was trying to find images to illustrate it.

During the writing I found this website: Richard Mosse | The Photographers' Gallery, which features photographs of fighters in DR Congo captured on Kodak EIR film. An interesting and unusual idea.

Here's an interesting item I found on eBay, a 37mm-37mm 37-37 mm 37 to 37 Step down Ring Filter Adapter. Given that one side of the ring is clearly much larger than the other side, it's clearly not a 37-37mm ring. Maybe a 37-67mm step up ring. But it's not a typo on the seller's part, it actually says 37mm-37mm on the ring. Apparently 5 have been sold too.

That's it for now as I'm about to remove my RAIDed OS hard drives and replace them with my new larger HD for storage and small SSD for the OS, which I will have to install from scratch. I hope I can successfully swap the drives and unRAID them without problems.

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