Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Waist Ted Thyme

Today I finished off an article for my photo tips website, only to discover that I'd already written a very similar article previously. Doh! The time isn't completely wasted, as I can put the article on hubpages, squidoo, or somewhere like that. But it does still mean that I need to write a new article for the website.

I found out about this website imagebrief.com. People request a photo they are looking for and their budget, then photographers can submit photos for their consideration.

It's a bit like 99 designs, but if the client doesn't choose your image as the 'winner', then it doesn't matter as the image can still be used for other purposes. (Unlike 99 designs where a logo designed for one company is hardly going to be of use for anyone else, and you're not going to have a ready-made logo that meets what the client is looking for either)>

The photographer takes (up to) 70% of the fee, and imagebrief gets the rest as commission for providing the platform.

Something I found interesting was looking at the completed briefs, some of the shortlisted images didn't seem to match the brief very well. For example, this brief was for an image that another image of a mid-sized delivery truck will be composited into. Yet one of the images seems to feature a pedestrian crossing taking up much of the foreground, and the space across does not appear large enough to fit a truck into.

And this brief for a honeybee image was awarded to what is quite a boring image in my opinion. There were lots of great images submitted, but the one chosen is pretty mediocre. You can't see the bee's face, and highlights on the flower are blown out.

A lot of the travel / location photo requests also seem to be for USA locations. So I don't think that the site is really for me.

In the afternoon me and Billy went out to hopefully buy some cheap mini eggs for sending to Mauser. But in Tesco all they had was some Kinder eggs, Smarties hens, and Lindt bunnies, and while they were reduced, they were still all expensive. In Sainsburys they didn't have any easter stuff at all. And in B&M Bargains they had expensive Lindt Bunnies and Mini Caramel eggs, which were quite expensive (not reduced). But I bought them anyway.

The replacement power supply for Mauser's comp arrived today, and so Billy was trying to get that fitted, and needed me to help him for a bit. Then he had lots of problems with the computer not detecting the drives properly.

And then Mauser's monitor stopped working. It was completely dead, the power light wouldn't come on or anything, jiggling the power cable, switching it for a new one etc. had no effect. But then later it just suddenly started working again. Very weird.

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