Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Reading, writing, and watching

Most of yesterday I was reading about Urbex and writing an article about it. In the evening I watched a film and a few short documentaries about it.

Today I was finishing off my article. Quite a lot of the time was spent writing a Creative Commons Attribution script for use with Flickr's New Photo Experience which was forced upon all users recently. The previous CC Attribution helper script I was using doesn't work with the new design. I started off by modifying the existing script for Greasemonkey in Firefox. But then after updating Firefox to version 28, the script stopped running at all. I couldn't see any reason why it wasn't working - Greasemonkey was activated, and the script was enabled in Greasemonkey.

So, I just created a new script for TamperMonkey in Google Chrome instead. The previous CC attribution script I was using for Greasemonkey used some strange functions that I'm not familiar with, likely exclusive to Firefox rather than being javascript (to find a node you'd use xpath). When I wrote my script for use in Chrome I just used standard js, which I'm relatively familiar with, and thankfully that worked fine.

And one random thing - Google Maps has got a Pokemon game: Become a Pokémon Master with Google Maps. Possibly an April Fools, but it was posted on 31st March rather than 1st April.

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