Saturday, 26 April 2014

Copying and verifying

Today I was still copying files and verifying the copies. One issue I had was that when I plugged a drive into the internal SATA, it was not showing up Windows. I tried searching for advice, but everything seemed to just say to check the Disk Management panel. But the hard drive was not even showing up Disk Management for me. It was showing up during BIOS / bootup though, so I knew the problem was not with the drive / connection.

Then I finally found the answer - the drive did show up in Device Manager, and had a little arrow showing the device was marked for safe removal. I use Zentimo xStorage Manager for hot-swapping hard drives, and the system must have remembered that I had previously safely removed the drive and kept it in the same state. So I just needed to use Zentimo to return the device, and then the drive showed up properly.

Another issue I had today was there were two files that refused to be copied - they would apparently copy okay, but then they would remove themselves after you did anything with them (e.g. select them / view properties, etc). They both appear to be partial mp3 downloads, so I'm not bothered that they won't copy, but the behaviour is rather weird.

Still lots more copying and verifying to be done tomorrow.

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