Tuesday, 15 April 2014

eBay maniacs

Just going through my eBay watch list again. Things I noticed are:

  • A Wimberley plamp sold for £32.50 plus £3.99 P&P. That is actually cheaper than new (currently it is £37.00 plus P&P at WEX), but it still seems pretty expensive for a second hand one to me.
  • A Contax T2 camera sold for £21 plus £5 P&P. These normally sell at around £200. Of, course there were a few reasons it was so cheap. The flash doesn't work, the body has some dents, film doesn't wind on properly (so shots get overlapped with each other), and the retractable lens doesn't always pop out properly when turning the camera on. But despite all these problems, it still seems like a relatively good deal if you have a mirrorless camera. You could just butcher the camera to remove the lens, then create a mount for your mirrorless camera, and you've now got a cheap Zeiss T* 38mm lens (and the Contax T2 lens is very well regarded).
  • On the obviously fake versions of software front, someone paid £36.55 for 'Adobe Photoshop CS5 with Serial', while someone else paid £63 for 'Photoshop CS5 EXTENDED Verison With Video Tutorials (WITH A DEAL)'. Why people pay money for cracked software I don't know. If you don't mind using illegal software, then why bother paying for it when you can download it for free? These auctions were for downloads, so it can't be that people are just paying to have the software on a disc.
  • Adobe creative suite cs 5.5 master collection 2 DVD sold for £60.99 plus £1 P&P. Quite clearly a fake since the seller says You need to watch a video how to activate its a good copy ! It's got the crack program. All in DVD.
  • Adobe CS5 Photoshop Extended Microsoft Windows Boxed Full Version sold for £166 plus £5 P&P. The listing states I bought it over a year ago from ebay and it works perfectly, and as far as I know it is genuine, but then says when I received it from the previous owner it contained very simple instructions for overriding an error message relating to the registration serial number once it is installed, I will obviously enclose this with the software and If you want an unregistered product to receive Adobe back-up and updates etc this isn't the item for you. So it's obviously a genuine product, right?
  • One that possibly was not a fake was Adobe creative suite 5.5 master collection, which sold for £322 plus £8 P&P. However, the listing states 'Unopened', yet the photo shows the discs outside the box (and it's not a stock photo).
  • A De Oude Delft 65mm f/1.0 lens sold for €53 + €18
  • A De Oude Delft 50mm f/0.75 lens sold for €77 + €18
  • A Pentax K fit Tokina 17mm RMC II lens sold for £141 + £2.60 P&P. The price some of these old lenses go for is just silly. It's a great lens for £20, but for that kind of money you'd be much better buying a decent modern lens.
  • A Yashica ML 35mm f/2.8 lens sold for €97.98 plus €8.88 P&P. Not as bad as the Tokina lens, as I understand this is a relatively good lens. But still seems quite expensive.
  • A brand new Samyang 14mm f/2.8 lens for Olympus four thirds mount didn't sell for £85 (free P&P) because the reserve wasn't met. That would have been an extremely good price if it did sell for that though. I suspect that the mount could be swapped out for any DSLR mount with a bit of work - the full frame Samyang lens is rather large and bulky for use on a four thirds camera.
  • I noticed that quite a few items I was watching had finished at 99p with no bidders. When you click through you see that the seller had cancelled the auction, typically This listing was ended by the seller because the item was lost or broken, though sometimes This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available. I think quite a few sellers just cancel the auction when they don't get the price they want, which is against the spirit of eBay. If you want to get at least a certain amount for your sale, then either start your auction at the minimum price you'll accept, or set a reserve price. It's not difficult.

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