Monday, 25 October 2010

broke stuff

This morning I checked my email and then updated my pano website with a sunrise pano I took a few days ago.

After that I tried to find out why the Amazon Machine tags wordpess plugin wasn't working for me. I found out what the problem was, but not what the cause was or how to fix it, so I posted to the wordpress forum for the plugin to try and get some help.

Next I noticed that the ebay listings widget for my pog website wasn't working. I spent a while trying to debug that, but couldn't see what the problem was, so posted to the ebay developers forum to try and get some help with that.

After that I did some work on my geo clustering script. Then I spent quite a long time trying to test the different versions that I've made. The problem is that I have 12 versions, each version takes between 4-30 seconds to run, and my test script runs each one 5 times. So I kept getting various timeout errors.

Eventually I got it working by calling it via the php command line interface instead of via the browser.

In the afternoon I spent most of my time trying to improve the query that I use to retrieve the clusters from the database.

In the evening I watched Police Story, and episodes of Masked Rider, Power Rangers, and Birdman Rangers Jetman with L and Mauser.

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