Monday, 18 October 2010

Ebay APIing

This morning I was still working on getting php-fpm up and running how I wanted. When I thought that it seemed to be working okay I checked the error logs for my website in case there was any immediate problems that needed dealing with before I tried activating the new installs of nginx and php on the webserver.

When I'd finished checking through the latest error logs it was lunch time. Most of the errors I saw in the logs were to do with url encoding. I don't encode most characters in my urls as all browsers I've tested do this (with most characters) automatically. Possibly IE < 6 and bots might have problems.

This isn't a problem for most people anyway, so I don't consider it a priority to fix. Indeed, bots not being able to rip your site could be considered advantageous.

After lunch I activated the new installs (well, actually about a week or so old now) of nginx and php on the webserver, and checked my websites worked okay.

When I was satisfied the websites seemed to be working okay I checked that the country was being checked from the IP address (which was the whole point of installing the new versions of nginx and php). Unfortunately it seemed that my IP address was being recorded as

I wondered what the problem was until I realised I was checking phpinfo() on my local dev site instead of the live site. When I checked the live site I was relieved to see it had my outside IP address and the country recorded as 'GB'.

The rest of the afternoon I was working on the ebay listing code for my site.

In the evening I watched an episode of Chojin Sentai Jetman, Masked Rider, and Power Rangers with Diddleberry.

After that I did some more ebay API work. So far I have got it retrieving the ebay listings from all ebay sites and caching the html. And it is including the cached html in the page okay. I still need to style the listing and ping the ebay site using an Impression Pixel.

The weather today started off with a nice red cloud sunrise, then the rest of the day was overcast.

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