Sunday, 3 October 2010

Various stuff

This morning I cut out some pogs in Photoshop, then went to Church.

When we got back home we watched Streetfighter the Movie on blu-ray until dinner.

After dinner I updated my pog website, then we (me, Mauser, and L) finished watching Streetfighter.

I did a bit of photo processing, but then I had a bad headache so I went to bed for a bit.

After a while in bed I opened my eyes to find that sunlight was coming through my bedroom windows (it had been raining all day). So I quickly grabbed my tripod and photo bag and went out to try and photograph the sunset. Unfortunately the sunset was pretty rubbish, so I just spent an hour standing around in a field waiting to see if the sun would shine up from below the horizon and light up the underneaths of the clouds.

When I got back home I processed some more photos, then spent a long time making salad for a sausage sandwich.

For the rest of the evening I processed some more photos, then did a backup.

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