Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Ebay APIing and power cut

Today I was just doing more work on my ebay ad. After looking at my site logs I decided that auto generating the listings for all ebay sites was a bit pointless as I don't really get many visitors from, say, the Philippines. So generating a new listings ad for the Philippines every 10 minutes would be pointless.

So I changed my code to instead just check the cache on every page request, and if the cache is stale or empty, then get the listings and cache them. Although it means checking the cache date on every page request, and if the cache is stale, the user will have to wait longer for the page to load while the new listings are fetched, I think it is better than auto generating listings that aren't needed.

In the morning we had a power cut for about an hour, so I couldn't do any work until the power came back. Strangely, HFM was out (playing music with no DJ) for about another hour. Power cuts are also annoying as all the burglar alarms go off.

Later in the afternoon I was looking at adding an ebay logo to my listings ad, but ebay have quite a lot of restrictions on the use of the logo. Strangely, on the logo use page it says that you must use a logo, but it doesn't seem to say this anywhere else in their docs. And the ebay API developers example scripts don't seem to include the mandatory logo and other text either.

Possibly ebay don't actually care if you include the logo and all the other text they say you must use when displaying data retrieved using the API. But it's better to be safe than sorry - you wouldn't want to earn lots of affiliate commissions from your ebay widget, and then ebay say they won't pay you because you resized the logo or missed out the copyright text.

So I emailed ebay using the contact form on their website to check if my usage of their logo and omission of other mandatory stuff was okay. Rather worryingly, I got a javascript error message pop up when I pressed submit, but the actual webpage said the email had been sent successfully. So I don't actually know if the message did get sent or not.

In the evening I watched an episode of Chojin Sentai Jetman and Masked Rider with Belly. After that I processed a few photos.

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