Thursday, 20 January 2011

More character set encoding problems

Today I was mainly uploading Korea photos to my photo and pano websites. In the afternoon I also went out on a walk, which was extremely muddy.

I had problems with character coding again, in Adobe Bridge all the Hangeul characters in my keywords were now appearing as empty squares □, even though they were displaying fine yesterday.

The problem also occurred on folder names, but in the image preview section, it did display the Hangeul characters correctly!

Then I noticed that the same problem also was happening in Windows Explorer. Doing some googling I couldn't find anyway to change the character set encoding or font in Adobe Bridge, but I did find some info on how to change the font in Windows 7. I first tried the registry trick there, but that didn't seem to do anything. I next tried the first method given there, and changed the 'icon' font to one that includes Hangeul characters.

This worked, and I could now view Hangeul characters in Windows Explorer (the same as I could prior to today), but unfortunately Adobe Bridge still displays the squares □. Very strange and annoying for Windows and Bridge to just randomly break like that.

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