Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Writing blog posts

This morning I installed the latest update to Microsoft Security System Essentials, but when I restarted the computer as the final step of the install, the computer started doing a chkdsk and reckoned it was restoring several thousand orphan files. Not sure if the Security System Essentials update and chkdsk were related, but very annoying either way.

After that I did a backup, which took wuite a long time

While the backup was going on, and also for most of the rest of the day, I 'wrote' some more posts for my photography tips website, and also a couple of Korea photo posts for my main photography website blog.

In the evening I watched a Japanese lesson video (yes, the ones I started downloading yesterday, all downloaded already) with Mauser and Bo. I watched the download speed for a bit while it was still downloading, and it actually went over 1MB/s. So it seems like we have a very fast internet connection (at least for the UK).

Maybe youtube / Google should look into implementing bit torrent support for Chrome / Youtube as youtube videos always download so slowly that they need buffering for ages before you can watch them.

Anyway, the Japanese lesson was good and funny. It was made in '84, but seems more 70s.

According to Wikipedia, in Let's Learn Japanese Basic Series 2:
Yan's heart is torn asunder by the young lady he had a crush on in series one, and he goes to Niigata to drown his sorrows in the wild winter Sea of Japan.

While that sounds quite Japanese, I think it's more likely that someone has added that text to Wikipedia as a joke.

Also in the evening I watched Magi Rangers with L.

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