Friday, 21 January 2011

Processing panos

Today I was processing the three panos that I took on my walk yesterday.

In the evening I watched an episode of Life on Earth and an episode of Magi Rangers with Mauser and Bo. I did a Japanese lesson with Masuer as well.

I read a blog post by Nick Laight How I banked £1.64 million in 20 days using the free content model – a case study. It isn't really about free content at all, rather that he built a large list using free content and then sells products to that list. The product in question that he says netted £1.64 million in 20 days and has done over £10 in million sales to date, he doesn't actually mention the name of.

However, he says it was a forex product released in 2008 and priced around £2000 (+VAT). Searching for this I find 'Ultimate Forex Predictor', released in 2008 for around £2000, and published by Canonbury Publishing (Nick's company). However, reading the thread on the Trade2Win forums, I couldn't see anyone who made money using the system. To be fair, I only read up to about page 20 of the thread though, so maybe after that there were posts by people who did make money using it.

So While Nick might have made over £10 million in sales of this product, it doesn't seem like the sales were made in an ethical manner, and I wonder if that £10 million figure includes all the packages that were returned for a refund?

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