Thursday, 27 January 2011


This morning I was doing more work on my ebay wordpress plugin.

If anyone is interested, below is a list of url parameters that you can use in an ebay search query url. This blog post: eBay Search URL Structure Explained explains another format of search url that you can use on ebay, and also includes a list of all the country numerical ids that you can use in your ebay search url parameters.

This list below is not an exhaustive list, there are quite a few other parameters you could use as well. In my wordpress plugin I only intend on including a few of these parameters, to match the parameters supported by the EPN link generator.


_nkw= //keywords
&_in_kw= //search type 1=All words, any order, 2=Any words, any order, 3=Exact words, exact order, 4=Exact words, any order
&_ex_kw= //exclude keywords - don't use as can exclude keywords in normal way e.g. 'Watch -battery' to search for watch and exclude battery
&_okw= //unknown, possibly something to do with original keyword when you mis-spell a search and ebay corrects it, but there are also many other parameters used when this happens

&_adv=1 //unknown
&_sacat= //category
&sop= //sort order
&LH_TitleDesc=1 //Search description as well

&_fspt=1 //enable search for nearby items
&_sadis=150 //num miles from postcode
&_fpos= //postcode or zip code to search for items near

&_ipg=50 //results per page
&LH_PayPal=1 //Show accepting paypal only
&LH_Lots=1 //items listed as lots

&LH_Auction=1 //Show only auction items (can be used with below)
&LH_BIN=1 //Show only Buy It Now items (can be used with above)
&LH_CAds=1 //Show only classified ads

&_LH_Time=1 //enable search by time
&_ftrt=901 //items ending within
&_ftrt=902 //items ending in more than
&_ftrt=903 //items started within
&_ftrv=2 //number of hours

&_LH_NOB=1 //enable search by no. bidders
&_sabdlo=4 //min bidders
&_sabdhi=5 //max bidders

&_LH_MIL=1 //enable search by no. multiple listings
&_samilow=2 //min multiple listings
&_samihi=4 //max multiple listings

&LH_SubLocation=1 //enable searching by location
&_fsradio2= //Type of search, args below but url encode
 &LH_PrefLoc=1 => preferred location
 &LH_LocatedIn=1 => located in
 &LH_AvailTo=1 => available to
&_sargn= //Preferred location, arg url encode
 -1&saslc=0 => website domain e.g. UK for ebay UK, default
 -1&saslc=3 => Europe (on UK site)
 -1&saslc=2 => Worldwide
&_salic=3 //Located in (country numbers)
&_saact=3 //Available to (country numbers)

&_fss=1 //Only show items from certain sellers or types of seller
&_fsradio=%26LH_SpecificSeller%3D1' //Specific Seller
&_saslop=1 //1=Include listed sellers 2=Exclude listed sellers
&_sasl= //ID / name of seller

//Min and Max price
&_mPrRngCbx=1 //enable filtering by price
&_udlo= //min price
&_udhi= //max price

In the evening I watched a bad (though not terrible, mainly just boring) episode of Star Trek TNG with Mauser and Bo. I also watched an episode of Magi Rangers with L and another episode of Lets Learn Japanese Basic 1 with Mauser and Bo.

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