Monday, 10 January 2011


This morning I tidied up some stuff and did some vacuuming. After that I worked on my ebay plugin for wordpress.

After much deliberation and some coding, I decided that actually I would drop the separate module / extension handling for my plugin, and instead make it so that modules / extensions are written and activated as normal wordpress plugins.

This has the benefit that I don't have to code any extra plugin handling ability myself. The downside is that all the extension plugins for my plugin will appear as normal plugins, which could make the plugin list panel in wordpress look a bit cluttered.

I think that also I will change the way that the plugin handles shortcodes. Currently it uses just one shortcode, and within the shortcode you specify a type parameter, e.g.
[wp_dk_ebay type="editorKit_default" items="5" etc="etc"]
The main plugin would handle the the shortcode, then pass this off to the extension plugin that was registered to handle the shortcode with type 'editorKit_default'.

But I think I will change it so that the main plugin doesn't handle any shortcodes, and the shortcodes are specified in the extension plugins instead. So the shortcode would instead be something like
[editorKit_default items="5" etc="etc"]

In the evening I also watched an episode of Kamen Rider Black and VR Troopers with L.

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