Monday, 6 September 2010


Today I was just working on my google maps clustering. I decided to change the method I was using, to use just the method detailed here. Except instead of doing the clustering at request time, my script does the clustering once, then writes the clusters to the database, so no clustering is done at request time.

While this makes each request faster, the initial clustering script takes about 11s to run, and I only have just over 1000 records for it to process. Obviously, my method would be no good if your database was being updated regularly and you wanted to serve fresh geo-data.

But for my purposes it should be okay. I need to go through the script and see if I can make any changes to make it run a bit faster though.

I also watched an episode of Power Rangers and Sentai Jetman with L. In the morning there was a power cut so while I waited for the power to come back on I finished reading John Shaw's close-ups in Nature.

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