Saturday, 25 September 2010


This morning I did some more work on my geoclustering script, and my Fuji IS Pro arrived. I charged up the battery and read Thom Hogan's review of the S5 Pro, and unfortunately you can't use the D200 battery in the IS Pro, despite the cameras and batteries looking identical.

When the battery had finished charging, I spent a long time trying to get a hood onto the Cokin P holder that would extend behind and in front of it (to stop light hitting the back of the filter as well as stopping light hitting the filter at oblique angles on the front). Unfortunately I couldn't get this to work, so I decided to just mount a hood behind to stop light hitting the back of the filter.

I went out for a short walk and took a few shots, and was impressed with how the IR photos looked on the camera's screen, though you can't zoom in much on the screen.

We went out to a small lake in Corby for a picnic lunch, where I took a few more shots with the IS-Pro. When we got home I processed a few photos and watched an episode of Jetman with L.

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon making Cinnamon Swirls with L. After dinner I finished making the Cinnamon Swirls with L and also had loads of washing up to do (all the dinner stuff plus the cooking stuff, plus picnic stuff).

For the rest of the evening I watched a couple of episodes of Power Rangers with L and processed a couple more IS-Pro photos from today. I'll have to metadata and upload them tomorrow (after doing the pog stuff first).

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