Sunday, 26 September 2010

Pogging and metadataring

This morning I started cutting out some pogs in Photoshop, then went to Church. After Church I finished cutting out the pogs in Photoshop.

After dinner I checked my email while waiting for the pog images to upload. I updated my pog website, then started adding metadata to the photos I took yesterday.

I had some trouble geo-coding the photos, as Robogeo said it couldn't geo-code some of them and would have to convert them to jpegs (I was geocoding a mix of JPG and RAF files). I spent quite a while trying to find what the problem was, and see if there was some way to export the list of geocoded files so I could use exiftool to do the geocoding, but couldn't get anything to work.

Eventually I just downloaded the latest version of Robogeo, it doesn't mention anything in the recent changes about RAF support (and I had tried the previous Robogeo I had installed with the latest version of exiftool already). But it did work, and geocoded my JPEG and RAF files successfully. Unfortunately it couldn't read the save file I had created with the previous version of Robogeo, so I had to re-gecocode (using Google Earth) all the photos.

I also watched an episode of Jetman with L in the afternoon.

In the evening I carried on adding metadata to the photos and uploaded some of them. I did a backup and then went to bed.

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