Friday, 3 September 2010

Getting annoyed

In the morning I took some photos of a moth that I'd captured in the house yesterday evening. I had also captured a yellow underwing, but it was such a maniac, constantly flying into the sides of the tank I'd put it into, that I just let it go in the garden.

Also this morning and part of the afternoon I was working on my google map, but got stuck. It seemed like it was retrieving all geocoded records in the database, when it should have only been retrieving all the ones for the UK (since I was only viewing the UK on the map).

Eventually I gave up and processed the moth photos from this morning instead.

In the evening I watched an episode of Sentai Jetman with L, then went out on a walk to try and get some sunset photos. Despite there being clouds around the horizon, and there being very little wind, the actual sunset wasn't very good (photographically). But twilight was good.

When I got back home I geo-coded the photos, then watched an episode of Power Rangers with L. I stitched one pano, ready for processing in Photoshop tomorrow.

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