Friday, 24 September 2010

Uploading and reading

This morning I uploaded a photo to a few photo sharing websites, which actually took quite a long time. I did some vacuuming and sorted and uploaded some photos to my website as well.

In the afternoon I sorted and uploaded more photos, then started looking into the Fuji IS-Pro that I bought yesterday (particularly looking at the filters etc. needed for normal, IR, and UV photography).

In the evening I baked some cookies and carried on looking into IR, and UV photography. For UV photography, it seems that you need a specialised, expensive, and hard to get hold of filter.

For IR photography there are quite a few filters available, so I was mainly researching which one to get. I do have a Hitech Infrared Resin filter already, but it seems very flare prone. I was mainly looking at the B+W 093 and the Hoya R72 filters. The B+W is a higher cut-off, and only passes Infrared, while the Hoya passes Infrared and a bit of visible light.

From what I could gather, it seems like the Hoya R72 is better for false colour IR, while the B+W 093 is better for contrasty black and white true IR photos.

In the end I decided to just purchase the B+W 486 UVIR cut filter so I can use the IS-Pro as a normal camera (S5 Pro). It was expensive though, $100 for a 67mm filter! I decided to go for a 67mm filter size as that fits my current lenses, and I can't really think that it will be a great loss if I purchase a lens with 77mm filter size in the future and so can't use it for normal photography on the IS-Pro.

One thing I did find a bit disappointing is that both UV and IR light focus at different points to normal light, and so a photo taken with visible and UV and IR light will likely be soft. Also, it seems that some lenses aren't suited to UV or IR photography, and according to Bjørn Rørslett, most (all?) of my lenses aren't that great for IR photography.

When I get the camera and we get some decent weather (i.e. not overcast), then I can try the camera with my Hitech resin infrared filter, and see if there is any problem with my lenses or the Hitech filter.

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