Wednesday, 2 February 2011


This morning I finished processing the pano I took yesterday afternoon, and processed a photo I took then as well. When I'd processed them I uploaded them to my websites.

I wrote another Korea Folk Museum post for my photo website blog, then started doing a chkdsk on one of my backup drives I suspected of having bad sectors.

After lunch I checked my email, and really liked the Money Morning article by Domonic Frisby: The long and tragic history of the pound. The article is about how the pound has lost value since coming off the gold standard. The charts really bring into perspective just how much value the pound has lost.

I tried getting some info on the ebay affiliate RSS feeds for my wordpress plugin. I didn't want to start up my Ubuntu virtual machine where I do all my web dev work while the chkdsk was still running. So I just did some basic stuff, getting a list of parameters and inspecting the structure of the xml feed.

I started writing an article on 360 panos for hubpages and read a bit on trading gaps as well.

In the evening I watched Mahou Sentai with L, then found that the chkdsk had finished and didn't find any errors.

I made some blueberry muffins with L, then did a backup to the certified 'O.K.' drive.

I setup a demo account with SLM with a look towards testing some EAs on it for FNT and gap trading. I will have to read a bit about the MT4 platform and using EAs to get acquainted with it though.

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