Thursday, 15 December 2011

article photo finding

This morning and some of the afternoon I was mostly checking my emails and finding relevant CC licensed photos on Flickr to illustrate a couple of photo tips articles. You'd think that using article directories to source articles for your website would make the process of getting a new article up extremely quick.

But actually you have to wade through loads of rubbish articles before you find a good one. Then you have to find relevant CC licensed photos of flickr to illustrate the article, which can also take quite a long time. Still, I find it quite a bit faster than writing an article myself. I would say it takes me about one day to write an article myself.

Also this afternoon, I finished off my Christmas video for this year. This one is just done on the computer, no photo taking for animation.


In the evening I watched Wing Chun and read camera websites while waiting for stuff to copy / move / delete on Mauser's hard drives.

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