Saturday, 3 December 2011


I forgot to post a pic of these Intel sweets Mauser got from work a few weeks ago:

After copying those pics across to my comp, and writing yesterday's blog post, I went out for walk as it was nice weather. I stopped to take some test shots not too far from the house, and then realised that I needed another adapter ring to be able to some of my srew-in filters with my Cokin P filters as well.

So I went back home, then as it was only about 1½ hrs until lunch, I decided to make some cake. But I remembered that actually I needed to leave the fruit soaking overnight, so I couldn't make the cake now. So I made some cheese straws instead.

After lunch I went out for another walk, this time making sure I brought the other adapter ring I needed. Part of the walk was a bit scary as I had to walk through a field of bulls. The bulls ran up behind me, and when the lead one tried to stop he just carried on skidding forwards across the muddy field towards me. But luckily he stopped before he got me.

The main annoying thing about the walk was that the footpath ended up at a road, and then there wasn't any way to get back to the town except walking back along the side of the road, or going all the way back down the footpath I'd walked across. Also, the path wasn't very well sign posted when it got into Northamptonshire.

When I got back home I geo-coded and sorted the photos, then had dinner.

After dinner I played on Kirby Wii with Belly and Mauser, then we all went to see KK in animal crossing. After that I went to bed about 9pm as I felt really sleepy and had a headache.

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