Sunday, 25 December 2011


Today I went to church in the morning and then updated my pog website. In the afternoon I helped Ben make some cookies and did the washing up.

In the evening I watched a Laurel & Hardy film with the family and tried debugging the AddThis plugin for wordpress. Unfortunately I think the plugin (actually it's the AddThis javascript, not the plugin itself) is broken in too many places for me to fix.

The problem is only appearing in IE9 for me. I think that probably the js is doing some browser sniffing and doing things differently for IE than the other browsers, and because I serve the site as XHTML (XML) this is breaking the js. So I am going to have and try another different social bookmarking plugin.

I was thinking of giving the sparrows "Lil' Maniac" badges for a Christmas present, but

  • I don't think they'd let me get close enough to give them the badges
  • If I pinned badges on them it would likely hurt or even kill them

So the sparrows didn't get any Christmas presents, but probably had their best Christmas ever anyway as it was relatively warm today.

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