Monday, 5 December 2011


This morning I was going through some old emails that I hadn't had time to check properly, and one was from 7dayshop for an interesting gadget - Capture Camera Clip Strap/Belt System by Peak Design (affiliate link). It's basically a quick release system that you can attach to your belt or bag strap. Initially I thought this wouldn't be that great since if you wanted to mount the camera on a tripod or monopod, you'd have to remove the proprietary quick release plate and then attach a QR plate compatible with your tripod / monopod head. This would be a hassle and take too long.

But actually, according to their video, the proprietary QR plate they use is arca-swiss compatible. Since I use arca-swiss compatible QR clamps on all my tripod heads, this would mean the camera could be used on a tripod or monopod with no hassle at all. However, £50 seems extremely expensive to me, I might consider one if they were £20, and would probably buy one if it was £10. Having my camera on a strap as I do now is not much inconvenience compared to putting it on a belt clip, so not worth the price for me.

Most of the afternoon and some of the evening I worked on an article for my photo tips website. Also in the evening I played on Kirby Wii with L and Mauser, and did some work trying to make a file download prompt in .htaccess

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