Thursday, 1 December 2011

Site Analysing

Someone had replied to my question on the jquery forums about debugging why an AJAX request failed, and they asked me to post exactly what is in the responseText. I did try printing out responseText as part of my debugging yesterday, but as it contained HTML, it was being converted to HTML rather than printed as plain text. I remembered this morning about textNodes, and decided to try printing the responseText as a textNode. I used jquery's text() method, and this worked fine.

The only difference between the responseText printed by jquery and the content body of the server's response was that text() collapsed multiple whitespace to a single space. I posted the responseText to the thread as had been requested, though haven't received any reply yet. I am actually quite surprised I got a reply at all, I don't seem to have much luck getting replies (particularly helpful replies) on forums.

I would say sitepoint is probably the best forum, out of the 24 threads I've started there, I got helpful replies on 12 of them. Usually I get replies from people trying to be helpful as well, I only have a few threads there with no replies. For this jquery issue I get the feeling I'm going to have to spend many hours whittling my code down and constant testing until it either starts working or I have a test case suitable for filing a bug report.

I also processed a pano today, and ran the ISS Site Analyser a couple of times on my site. It did find lots of stuff wrong with my site, so still lots to fix.

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