Wednesday, 21 December 2011


This morning I wrote up yesterday's blog post and also put the Goodwill Season song on youtube:

I was also thinking about adding the Christmas Orphan Boy song onto youtube. I thought it sounded like it was by the guy who did the Austin Ambassador Y-reg song, and sure enough I was right - his name is John Shuttleworth. What I didn't know is that John Shuttleworth is actually just a character played by comedian Graham Fellows. When I saw him many years ago playing Austin Ambassador Y-reg on the Tonight show on Yorkshire TV, I thought he was a genuine guy with a sense of humour about his music. When actually he's an ungenuine guy with a sense of humour about his music.

Anyway, the song in question was already on youtube, albeit as part of a Vic and Bob sketch with about 3 minutes of useless babbling from Vic & Bob before the actual song. Since the song is available on itunes, lastfm, and on CD from Amazon etc. I didn't bother adding it to youtube.

I ran the IIS Site Analyzer a couple more times on my site, each time finding some things I'd missed that needed correcting. It takes quite a long time to run each time, and also quite a long time to delete old reports. While I was waiting I read dpreview's Mirrorless Roundup 2011

Later in the afternoon and for part of the evening I made a Lemon and Coconut cake with L. Only problem was, we didn't have any coconut.

For birthday presents I got an A3 laminator from McRad, Chocolate from L, and an Olympus LS-5 sound recorder from Clare and Mauser. I went on eBay and bought a wind muffler for the sound recorder as from the reviews I have previously read it seems like this is quite important.

I also bought a North Korean calendar that has nice photos of North Korea. Hopefully it will arrive before 2012, but it is being shipped from Russia I think, and post is quite slow at this time of year, especially with all the bank holidays coming up.

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