Thursday, 29 March 2012

Annoying airline website booking

Most of today I was just writing an article for my photo tips website.

In the evening I played on Secret of Mana with Mauser and Bo and did some more work on my ebay wordpress plugin.

I also booked the flights for mine and Mauser's Ukraine holiday in October. It was quite annoying.

For getting there, we booked a flight with Wizz Air, but they don't seem to do any return flights in November. So I had to book the return flight with BA. But BA's website would only let you pay in US dollars. The BA website was set so that my location was the UK. The website address was, so we tried, but that just redirected to the .com site.

It had a currency conversion thing, but this just showed you what the equivalent price was in GBP, it didn't let you choose GBP as the currency. You'd think British Airways would let you pay in British pounds.

With Wizzair, their website says that when flying with Wizzair Ukraine, you get one piece of hold luggage included for free, but must specify your luggage when booking. But then, when you add one piece of hold luggage when booking, it charges you £17. I checked the website for contact details, but they only have premium rate phone numbers (70p/minute + standard network charges). So rather than waste money phoning them, probably being on hold for ages, and then likely being told that you do need to pay for all hold luggage, I thought I'd just pay the £17 fee.

Wizzair also charge a £7 fee for paying by card, but £3.50 for paying by bank transfer. But their bank account is not UK based (I think it was in Hungary). And it didn't look like I could do an online bank transfer to a non-UK based bank account from my Santander account. So I had to pay by card and pay the £7 fee. At least you're protected if Wizzair go bust or something when you pay by credit card.

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