Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Doing stuff but not actually getting much done

This morning I processed a pano from Monday, and then spent most of the rest of the morning and afternoon preparing it (and the pano I processed yesterday) for upload. (And actually uploading it).

This is what I had for lunch - half Stilton and half mature cheddar cheese on toast. Yummy!

In the late afternoon and early evening I also made a cake, but I forgot to add the Baking powder, doh!

For the rest of the evening I was trying to sort out some KML for the CTH website.

I randomly received this issue of Popular Photography magazine in the post today. I do subscribe to Pop Photo digitally via Zinio, but the cover of this photo is different to the Zinio version. Judging by the contents listed on the front cover, it is the same contents though. I would guess it is a UK edition, while my Zinio copy is the US edition. Bit strange to just to receive a free copy in the post.

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