Monday, 5 March 2012

Making business cards

This morning I uploaded the panos I was preparing for upload yesterday. I also did a draft of a recipe.

In the afternoon I worked on making a business card design. First I went through my photos and found 25 photos for one side of the business card (so for 50 cards, I get two of each photo). I wasn't sure if I should put any other info or branding on the photo side of the card, so did a google and found this thread: What do your business cards look like? - Canon Digital Photography Forums. The start of the thread is old and all the pictures have been removed, so I went to the end of the thread (thankfully it's still active) and worked backwards.

I was kind of surprised that the large majority of photographers did not use any photos at all in their business cards. They just used a minimalist design with either some shapes or text only. I didn't see any reasoning given for not using photos though. I would hope that using a photo helps your business card stand out from from other typography / vector based cards.

For adding a QR code, I used I ordered the business cards from, and it said they should be delivered by Wednesday next week.

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