Friday, 30 March 2012

Processing a few photos

Today I processed the photos from the other day. It managed to take me all day, even though I only did about 20 different photos, with about 5 different subjects (so only 5 different descriptions and keyword sets).

Here are some of a hoverfly I didn't get any ID shots of, and so won't upload to my photo website:

In the evening I watched 'The Bullet Train' with Mauser and Bo. It is part of a Sonny Chiba boxset, but Sonny Chiba is not in it a lot, and doesn't do any fighting or anything. It is very similar story-wise to Speed (or should that be Speed is very similar story-wise to this film). Although the film is two and half hours long, I thought it was very nicely paced, and with a good amount of twists and turns. The vegetable ocarina guy also appears to be one of the bad guys.

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