Sunday, 11 March 2012

bliddle bloddle

This morning I updated my pog website, then went to Church.

After dinner I had to go to a safeguarding thing at Church. I didn't really have to go, but they said last week that everyone should go. I thought it was going to be a health and safety thing, but actually it was about abuse. Although the thing was just over 2hrs long, I think the important points could have been covered in 5 minutes really.

If you think someone may be being abused / abusive you should report it. That was the main point really.

When I got back home Mauser said I had to play on Secret of Mana for a bit. So that was good, but also annoying at the same time since it meant I wasn't getting work on descripting my panos. After that I started work on doing the descriptions for the panos, but Adobe Bridge was showing Japanese / Korean / Chinese characters as empty blocks.

I spent quite a while trying to figure out what was wrong, thinking the XML file where Bridge stores it's keywords must have got corrupted somehow. Eventually I just tried restarting the PC, and that fixed it. I am pretty sure it was a Windows problem as the characters were also showing messed up in Scite and Wordpad as well as Adobe Bridge. Now they are displaying as the correct characters. I've never had such a problem with Ubuntu, Windows is so annoying, especially considering the cost compared to the free Ubuntu.

With that fixed I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening writing descriptions for some panos. In between waiting for the metadata writes to save, I looked to see how well the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye works on the Canon 5D Mk II. Hans Nyberg has a nice comparison vs. the Canon 15mm fisheye here: Canon 15mm Fisheye - Tokina 10-17mm fisheye at 15mm. It shows the Canon lens to be quite a bit better than the Tokina near the edge. Then I found a comparison between the Canon 15mm fisheye and Canon 8-15mm fisheye lenses. That shows the new Canon 8-15mm to be a bit better than the 15mm. So the Canon 8-15mm should be quite a bit better than the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye (as you would hope given the price difference).

The reason I was looking at that is that I was thinking of buying a Canon 5D MkII as my new camera, with a Nikon adapter so I could use my existing Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens on it. Although the camera body is quite expensive, being able to use it with my existing zoom fisheye and my macro lenses would make be quite helpful. But if the Tokina fisheye doesn't perform that great on it, then I am even less sure than I was before.

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