Friday, 23 March 2012


This morning I changed the CTH website KML (again). I decided that actually I was displaying too much info in the info bubbles in google maps, and this made the long thin info bubble windows either go off the top of the viewing area, or make the marker go off the bottom of the viewing are. It looked nice in Google earth though!

So instead I changed the KML to just include the address, and a link to the relevant webpage on the CTH website for more info for each marker.

I did a bit of work on my ebay wordpress plugin. Then I started working on adding a button to my photo website to allow ordering prints and licensing images via Photoshelter. I haven't actually signed up to Photoshelter yet, but I want to get everything ready to go so I don't waste my trial.

I started off with quite a large button with a shopping cart icon on the left, some text and the Photoshelter logo on the right. I want to include the Photoshelter name so that a user isn't surprised when they click on the button and are then redirected to the Photoshelter website.

I did some research on buy button placement. The general consensus seems to be that it works best in the top right corner as this is where most sites put it (and so users have come to expect it to be placed there). The opinions I read also strongly suggested that you should do split testing to see what works best. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, particularly as would only be able to track click rates, not sales.

After this I realised that actually using a shopping cart icon on the button could be confusing. The button does not 'add to cart', but just redirects the user to the Photoshelter website. So I changed the button to remove the cart icon.

I decided to upload a few more pics to my photo website, and spent quite a while researching descriptions for some beetle photos. Then I checked the photos, and I'd already written descriptions. Doh!

I spent the rest of the afternoon and part of the evening cutting out some pogs in Photoshop, and preparing my pog website update for Sunday.

After dinner I also watched the final episode of Frozen Planet and two Popeye cartoons. The Popeye cartoons are really funny. They are totally random and un-PC. For example, Popeye punches a big Native American chief, who flies out of his clothes and lands on a rock, and is actually Gandhi.

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