Monday, 19 March 2012

Article writing

This morning I marked up (with HTML) 3 articles, and wrote one article for my photography tips website. After that I went down the park to take a pano of the daffodils by the river.

It had been sunny all morning, but when I came out of the house I could see there were some clouds blowing towards the sun. So I walked to the spot where I wanted to do the pano as quickly as I could, in order to try and beat the clouds. But that meant that I got there just as the clouds covered up the sun. Then I had to spend quite a while just waiting there until the sun cleared the cloud again. Typical!

I had lunch when I got home, then copied across the photos and geo-coded them. I checked my email, then spent the rest of the afternoon finishing off the photo tips articles. Most of the time was spent finding relevant CC licensed images on Flickr, but adding them to the blog also takes a bit of time.

In the evening I watched Rise of The Planet of the Apes with Mauser and Bo. It was okay, but it seemed more like it was setting the scene for a story rather than having a proper story.

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