Friday, 20 July 2012


With my new hard drive installed okay, data copied, the integrity of the copied data verified, and the data backed up, I could start copying new files to my hard drive today.

Here are some pictures of my new hard drive that I took when I first received it a few days ago:

The new hard drives arrived protected by packets of frankfurter sausages:

The packaging must have been inflated around the hard drive as it was really well wedged in. The only way to remove it was by bursting (deflating) some of the packaging.

I thought that maybe removing this stopper would deflate the packaging, but it was actually a hollow stopper. (And so made no difference when removed).

I'm not sure what the purpose of the statement on this sticker is. Maybe for customs purposes, but that seems unlikely. The drive itself also states on the sticker it was made in Thailand.

The controller board for the drive does not reach all the way across the width of the drive. Also unlike my other drives, there is no foam placed between the PCB and the drive case - there is a clear gap between the PCB and case.

The Seagate 3TB drive compared to the WD 1.5TB drive it was replacing. The Seagate drive is upside down compared to the WD drive.

This is the underside of the Seagate 3TB drive compared to the WD 1.5TB drive it was replacing. (Both the same way up for this shot).

And here's a photo of how happy the Tesco decaf coffee jar was after I removed its lid:

Well, I wish I could plan my time better, as although I had full use of my computer available today, I spent much of the day not using the computer. I had some washing to sort out and also did some cooking. Would have been much more efficient if I had thought of doing those jobs yesterday when the computer was busy.

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