Saturday, 14 July 2012


This morning I went through the Bavaria photos I'd geotagged, to find the ones where I'd entered the altitude manually, but entered it in feet instead of metres. Then I corrected them to specify the altitude in metres.

I also listed all the photo files from the trip, ensuring that there weren't any more blocks of missing images. Since the files are numbered sequentially, I just did this by using Windows Explorer, and showing rows of ten thumbnails. So you can easily see if there are any missing files by just checking that the filename of the first file on each row is 10 more than the filename of the first file on the previous row.

After that I loaded all the files into Adobe Bridge, but it was creating thumbnails with the lens profile for my Miranda 24mm at f/2.8 applied. So I selected all the files, opened in ACR, and then deselected the use Lens profile box. This took quite a long time.

But then later, I was checking some more thumbnails, and they still had the Miranda 24mm at f/2.8 lens profile applied. So I had to do the same thing again. Annoying.

Everyone else went away on holiday today, so I had to do some cleaning. I also cleaned the bird feeders, which were getting very dirty. I wish birds would learn not to use where they eat as a toilet.

An annoying thing that keeps happening with Photoshop CS6 is that it keeps popping up with a Trial message saying that I have 0 days of trial left. It will still let me use it okay though. (I am on a monthly Photoshop subscription plan with Adobe). One time though, I got this message:

In the afternoon I prepared tomorrow's pog website update. I also wrote up the recipe for the cake I made yesterday.

In the evening I watched a double episode of the Equalizer. I uploaded a pano. And I wrote most of an article for my photo tips website.

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