Tuesday, 31 July 2012


This morning I finished off the article I was writing for my photo tips website yesterday.

I received an email that Topaz Labs had a discount on their new FX Lab software, but the discount expired in 24 hours. So I downloaded the software to give it a try. It includes a clever way of applying the tones / colours of any image to the image you're working on. I tried using Image > Adjustments > Match Color in Photoshop, but it wasn't the same.

In the end I decided not to buy it. Other than the color matching part, it doesn't do much that you can't do in Photoshop. It includes intelligent masking, but you can't save as a layered file. If you could save as a layered PSD file including masks, then I probably would have bought it. Maybe they will add this in the future (and hopefully run a heavy discount promotion again as well).

For the rest of the afternoon I watched the Women's gymnastics team final. Britain was 6th out of 7 I think, but that's quite good really. USA got gold, Russia silver, and Romania bronze. China came in fourth, so that was unexpected.

In the evening I painted the sculpey models I made yesterday with Billy and Mauser (who painted their models).

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