Sunday, 1 July 2012


Today we went to visit Hohenschwangau, a castle in the Bavarian alps. We got up at 5am as it was quit a long journey to get there. We left about 6am and got the train to the Hauptbahnhof, then from there we got the train to Fusen.

The town was very nice and Bavarian with typical Barvarian buildings, and some painted with images (normally christian related) on the outside. Mauser bought a couple of sandwiches and croissants from a local shop that was open. (Most shops were closed with it being Sunday).

We went through the town and up a track near a church, on the way to Kalvarienberg. There were lots of small buildings with paintings of saints etc. in them on the way. We stopped in a clearing bit where there were a few shrine style things, and had our sandwiches and croissants. Mine was a cheese cob, but actually also had sauce and half a gherkin in the middle. Mauser's was a salami cob, but also had half a gherkin in it.

At the top of Kalvarienberg there was a viewing platform with three crosses on, with two of the crosses empty and a model of Jesus on the centre cross.

We went down from there to the other side of the mountain where there was a lake with lots of people swimming in it and others sunbathing nearby. We walked round the lake, and then on to the town of Hohenschwangau. We had a look round the grounds of the castle and paid to look inside as well. It was a guided tour and you weren't allowed to take any photos inside.

Unforunately Neuchwanstein castle was covered in scaffolding, so it didn't make a very nice view, and we decided not to visit it as well. (Neuchwanstein is another castle located close to Hohenschwangau).

Then we walked back to the Lake, and went back to Fusen, though a different route than we'd used on the way there. We stopped at the Lechfall waterfall, which just appeared to be a wide, but not particularly steep, man-made waterfall. We had some food at a nearby pub, we both had 0.5l of Konigs something hell (or something similar) to drink. I had weiss wurst with pretzel and mustard, while Mauser had Sausage salad.

Mauser's salad was slices of polony style stuff with slices of onions and gherkins and stuff. It was probably about 50% meat. My weiss wurst were two sausages in a bowl of water with herb bits floating around. I guess they boil them.

The skins were quite tricky to cut though. The sausages were quite sweet, and the Bavarian mustard was sweeter and not as hot as English mustard. The pretzel was just bread in a pretzel shape with lots of salt added to the outside. It was a nice dinner.

After we'd had dinner, we went out to see the Falls again, and it was raining quite hard. Then we walked back to Fusen station. I was wearing my waterproof coat, but it wasn't actually waterproof, and got soaked through.

We caught the train back to Munchen, but I started to feel sick on the train, so I spent most of the journey standing outside the toilet, just in case. I did try to be sick in the toilet a few times, but couldn't.

Then when the train stopped in Munich, we got off and I immediately felt really sick. Then I was sick on the platform, I tried to hold it in with my hands, but couldn't. It all spilled out onto the ground, while lots of people were walking past who had just got off the train.

I cleaned up my hands on my handkerchief, then we looked for someone to tell about the mess. But we couldn't find anyone, so we just got the U-bahn back to the hotel. When we got back I just went to bed.

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