Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Copying and verifying

Today both my new hard drives were working okay and recognised as 3TB drives (don't ask me how), so I copied over the contents of one of my 1.5TB drives to the 3TB drive that is replacing it. Then I backed up the 3TB drive to the other 3TB drive.

And currently I am running a binary compare between the contents of the 3TB drive and the 1.5TB drive that I copied to it.

Doing the copying and comparing has taken all day. It is annoying because I don't want to do any work that pushes the computer while it is doing this, in case it causes a problem.

While the copying and checking has been going on, I also made some fruit buns, and went out for a short walk in the evening.

I still have to compare the 3TB drive to the two 1.5TB drive backups. That will probably take 10-12 hours. Then I need to compare the other data on the 3TB drive to the other drive and backups that was copied off. I guess that will take 3-6 hours. Then I need to compare the 3TB drive to the 3TB drive backup. That will probably take about 6-7 hours. Then one of the 1.5TB drives needs to be formatted and have the other data backed up to it. That will take 1-2 hours.

So upgrading to a larger hard drive takes a very long time for me. But it does mean that I have two backups, and can be sure of the data integrity on the new drive and the backups.

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