Thursday, 18 October 2007

Even nicer day but stuck inside

Well, today the weather is even nicer, although cold, but there is very little wind and sunny with blue sky and the odd cloud. Unfortunately work still haven't contacted me yet so I have to stay in until they do and I get the job done. Probably it will be nice weather tomorrow as well and they will contact me at 4.50pm, then it will rain or just be cloudy all weekend.

Anyway, today the rest of my pog folders eventually arrived, I only had to chase the courier 3 days in a row to get them to deliver them! At least the driver didn't nick them.

I spent the morning finishing off the pano I was working on yesterday, whilst going on the pinternet a bit. After lunch I deleted lots of the converted TIFF files and then did a backup. Then I started work on another pano, but even though I used a tripod it seems the images don't match up, so after working quite a bit on it I decided to try generating both exposures of the pno at the same time in PTGUI using it's HDR function. I downloaded the latest version (7.3) and funnily this didn't ask whether the photos were taken on a tripod or not, that option seemed to have been removed.

The first PSD I generated using the HDR function had a slanting sea (it looked okay in the preview) so I added horizontal contol points on the sea and generated again. Unfortunately, PTGUI somehow forgot that it was meant to be in HDR mode, so the resulting new PSD was rubbish. So I set it up for HDR mode again and generated another PSD. Each time it takes ages to generate the PSD. Version 7.3 is meant to be faster than older versions, but it seems the same as 7.1, if anything a bit slower. Just went on the internet while PTGUI was working.

After dinner started editing the new file, and found that I could use just the 0ev exposure, thus avoiding the problems of blending exposures with moving people. There were also a few stitching errors that would have made exposure blending difficult. Finished that, then converted the last pano pics from Brighton 05-08-07 to TIFFs. They had lens flare all over them and the sky was very wierd and blue when corrected for white balance. I think I will edit the pano tomorrow but will just leave it if its too hard to fix.

Breakfast: Golden Grahams; cup o' tea.
Lunch: Cheese with Italian style salad sandwich; apple; satsuma; slice of cherry madeira cake; cup o' tea.
Dinner: 2.5x Sausage rolls; potatoes; baked beans. Pudding was strawberries & kiwi fruit with squirty cream. Coffee; Ginger Biscuit; 3x pieces Sainsbury's caramel filled chocolate.

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