Tuesday, 16 October 2007


Woke up with a bit of a headache, so just went on the pinternet in the morning and did some easy work work. I looked on the google and flickr to see if there's anything interesting to photograph in market harborough and it seems there isn't.

By lunch my headache had got quite a bit worse, after lunch I just went on the pinternet a bit more awaiting an email back from work with more details about something they wanted me to do. I had a look at what makes a good photo and it seems it involves one or more of the following:
  • An interesting subject - don't have any of those round here that I or any Flickr users know of
  • Good light e.g. sunset - tends to always be overcast plain grey cloud or rain round here
  • A model - don't have any of those aqnd my brothers don't like having their photo taken, although we did have fun messing around in the garden last night.
So in other words, there's not much chance of me being able to take any decent photos. Hopefully one day the weather will be nice and we'll be able to go to rutland then maybe I can get some nice waterscape/wildlife pics.

By about 3pm my headache was too bad so I went to bed. I got up about 6pm for dinner and after dinner I felt quite a bit better.

Spent the evening going through my pogs I received recently to check they were all there (some were missing) and leaving feedback for them.

Breakfast: Golden Grahams; cup o' tea; 2x paracetamol.
Lunch: 2x Cheese on toast; apple; slice of cherry cake; cup o' tea; 2x paracetamol.
Afternoon snack: cup o' tea; 3x paracetamol.
Dinner: Shepherds pie; grated cheese; carrots; home grown green beans. Pudding was chocolate whip with strawberries.
Supper: Cold chocolate flavoured milk

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