Friday, 12 October 2007

Yesterday & today

Went out on a walk with dad yesterday, then in the afternoon processed the pics I took. One pic looked like it had dust on it, but it wasn't very obvious and the rest looked okay so looks like I have sorted the dust problem for the moment.

Today, I went on Wii Fitness for about ½hr until about 9am, then I did some work work for about ½hr. After that I cleaned up stuff from my desktop and backed up my pictures. I finished off a pano that I didn't finish processing on Wednesday, while moving videos to DVDR and browsing the pinternet. My hard drive is getting filled up quickly, so I think I am going to need another one soon, I'm watching a couple on ebay.

After lunch I went on the pinternet a bit and copied some more videos to DVD. I started work on processing another pano and then about 2.30pm mum cut my hair for me. About 3.00pm I carried on with the pano, and after doing a bit of work realised I'd forgot to level the pano, Doh! So I had to level the pano and start again.


Golden Grahams - Yes they still exist!!! From Netto!!! Cup o' tea.

10am snack: Grapefruit marmalade toast sandwich; cup o' tea.

Lunch: Ham with red onion chutney and iceberg lettuce sandwich; prawn cocktail crisps; satsuma; flapjack.

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