Thursday, 18 November 2010

Google Map and Earthing

This morning I was getting my google map working in IE6. Then in the afternoon and evening I was trying to see if I could get google earth to zoom and pan while an info bubble is open without constantly resizing the info bubble.

Strangely, the info bubbles for items in the layers built in to Google Earth seem to work okay. But if I copied the html from one of those info bubble and pasted it as my info bubble, although my info bubble would look exactly the same as the bubble I'd copied from, my bubble would still do the annoying resizing thing!

I think I will give up and try filing a bug report.

I also watched an episode of Power Rangers Zeo with L and part of The Last Emperor with Mauser, Bo and Clare. The Last Emperor is quite annoying as the people speak a mixture of English and Chinese. I wish they had just done it in Chinese except for any bits that are meant to be in English.

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