Monday, 29 November 2010


Today I was mainly working on my ebay listings widget. It wasn't displaying the listings titles correctly and also the ebay logo had disappeared.

After looking into this I found the problem was that two of the listing titles were really long and with no spaces in them.

Now I knew what the problem was, I just had to figure out how to solve it. The answer was the CSS rule
word-wrap: break-word

However, this didn't work in IE8 and 9. I found two solutions for IE8 and 9 - one was to use
word-break: break-all
. Unfortunately this meant that the text would break at the edge of the container even if the text contained spaces, e.g.
this is some text that has break-all applied

The other solution was making sure that the element that the word-wrap was applied to had hasLayout. Unfortunately setting
zoom: 1
didn't seem to work, but setting
display: block
did work.

It didn't work completely though - despite the long titles now wrapping, the table cells containing the titles were still expanded to the unwrapped size of the title. This in turn pushed the whole size of the table larger. And so the ebay logo that was floated right in the table's <caption> was outside the containing <div> and couldn't be seen.

To fix this I just set a fixed width on the <caption> to make sure it wouldn't expand outside the containing <div>.

I also wrote a blog post for my photo website about the print I ordered from, and tried again to adjust the autofocus on my D200. I couldn't do it though, and so ordered a set of Allen keys from Amazon that look like they have longer handles than the ones I currently have.

In the evening I watched an episode of DS9 with Mauser and Bo. Then I spent quite a while looking at the In the picture website that I'm going to be helping out the local event.

I also watched an episode of Magi Rangers with Bo as well.

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