Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Okay weather

This morning there was a bit of blue sky, although a lot of the sky was covered in thin featureless white / grey cloud still. I thought that although the weather could be better, it might not get any better while the trees are still in autumn colour, so I went out to take some panos of Welland Park.

I also went out to Farndon Fields again and took a pano by one of the trees on the edge of a field.

When I got home I copied the photos to my PC and manually geo-coded them (I forgot to switch my GPS on again). I also uploaded some photos to my photo website.

While I was waiting I started watching RIP: A Remix Manifesto -

In the afternoon I finished watching the Remix Manifesto film. It started raining so I was glad I had gone out this morning.

After that I checked my email. Reading the Money Morning email, Dominic Frisby said
But with so many markets at such obvious turning points, and inflation very much the mot du jour, my short-term speculative money is betting on a rise in the dollar, if only in the short term, and a fall in everything else.
So I decided to take his advice, and sold my silver and precious metal ETFs, and put £1000 in a short yen long dollar ETF. But I kept my gold ETFs in case things go the other way to how Dominic thinks they might.

The rest of the afternoon and most of the evening I was working on a couple of panos that I took in the morning.

In the evening I also watched an episode of Masked Rider with L.

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