Sunday, 14 November 2010

Various stuff

This morning I was cutting out pogs in Photoshop and went to Church as usual.

In the afternoon I updated my pog website then accidentally deleted some files from my Ubuntu VM.

I went out to help someone with a computer problem for a few minutes, then came back home and restored my backup of the Ubuntu VM from this morning. While that copied over I read a bit of Moose Peterson's blog.

When the backup of the Ubuntu VM had finished copying over, I started it up and then re-copied all the pog images etc. I had previously copied to it since the last backup.

I then did some Google Earth work, but was having in trouble in that I had put the wrong URL for an image in my kml. I corrected the mistake and cleared the cache (both memory and disk), but Google Earth was still requesting the wrong URL for the image. I tried again, with closing Google Earth first, still the same. I tried logging out and choosing to delete the cache file, but it was still the same.

Eventually I tried changing the file name of the kml file that originally had the wrong URL in it, and updating the KML that requested the kml file with the file's new name. Hooray, it now worked. It seems that clearing the cache in Google Earth does not actually clear the cache.

Possibly clearing the cache only deletes items downloaded from Google's servers. If Google Earth downloads files from your website with long expires headers, it will cache them (as it should), but then there seems to be no way to clear this cache. I filed a 'feature suggestion' with Google that Google Earth should clear its cache when you clear the cache, as they don't seem to have a bug reporting mechanism.

In the evening I watched the first episode of Mahou sentai Magirenjâ, the first two episodes of VR Troopers, and an episode of Masked Rider with L. I also watched part of a film about Appollo 8 and the moon with Mauser, L, and Clare.

I did some more work on my google maps / earth as well.

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