Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Google Mapping, Record Recording, and Forest Gump on CDI watching

I spent most of this morning working on my google map, writing a function that would pan the map to move the info window into view, so that I could use it in IE7 where calling the info window's open method causes an error if the map is panning.

Unfortunately after getting the function working in Chrome, I found that it didn't work in IE7, and debugging it, it didn't look like there would be any (easy) way to make it work.

The problem was that I using the getContent method of the info window, and then using jquery to get the offset of the content's parent. But in IE7 it seemed like getContent returned a copy of the content node, rather than the actual node itself, and so getting the offset didn't work.

I spent most of the rest of the day testing in other browsers, and found webkit / Safari doesn't handle history.replaceState and window.location.hash properly. So I had to add some extra logic to make sure that history.replaceState is only used if the browser supports it and it works correctly. I also filed a bug report with webkit about this issue.

I also got my record player from the garage, set it up, and recorded a few records to my PC.

In the evening I also watched a bit of Forest Gump on the CDI with Diddlebury, and 2 episodes of Power Rangers Zeo.

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