Saturday, 20 November 2010

Watching a film and stuff

This morning I was testing to see if I could use window.location.replace() as a cross browser compatible alternative to history.replaceState(). According to the Mozilla Developer docs:
Replace the current document with the one at the provided URL. The difference from the assign() method is that after using replace() the current page will not be saved in session history, meaning the user won't be able to use the Back button to navigate to it.
I tested it out to try setting the hash like
and was glad to see that it didn't reload the whole page, but did set the hash.

After testing though, I found it didn't seem to be working properly. Then I realised I'd made a mistake in my code that made it redirect to a different version of the page. After correcting this, I was happy to find that it did work as advertised in most browsers.

In Opera I found that it didn't replace the history state, and so if you call window.location.replace() 100 times, you'll still need to press the back button 100 times to get back to the previous page. And Arora had the same problem as well. Firefox 3.5 on Ubuntu, Safari 5, Chrome 7, IE6, and IE8 (on Windows) all seemed to work properly though.

After lunch I watched most of an episode of Star Trek DS9 with Mauser and Bo.

In the morning Mauser had been saying about doing a trip round China / parts of Asia. So I decided to look at how much a micro four thirds setup would cost, as it looks like it would make for a good camera system when travelling (small and light).

I'm not too bothered by the size / weight of consumer lenses for 'normal' DSLRs, but mainly thought the small size of micro four thirds lenses would make it easy to keep them in one or two pockets. This should reduce the chance of them being pick pocketed compared to having keep 5 lenses in 5 different pockets.

However, it looks like micro four thirds are very expensive, e.g. comparing wide angle zooms for Micro Four Thirds, Nikon and Canon:
Panasonic Lumix 7–14mm f/4: £900
Nikon 16-35mm f4 G AF-S ED VR: £829.00
Canon 17-40mm f/4 L: £530

And comparing fisheyes:
Panasonic Lumix G Fisheye 8mm F3.5 £600
Tokina 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 AT-X 107 DX Fisheye £410

Taking into account that I already own a few lenses for Nikon, buying the equivalent lenses for use with Micro Fout Thirds would make it very expensive.

After that I spent a while reading the PhotoShelter docs to see how I could integrate PhotoShelter with my existing website. Unfortunately it doesn't look like PhotoShelter can be integrated with an existing website, so I sent them a message to see if it is possible or not.

In the evening I watched another episode of Star Trek DS9 with Mauser and Bo, and also finished watching 'The Last Emperor' with them.

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