Thursday, 9 February 2012

Pano processing

This morning I did some recipe website work. Then I checked my flickr and found someone has added me as a contact. I checked their photostream / profile and they have plenty of good photos and seem to be interested in the same things as me, so I added them as a contact as well.

Looking at their photos, I found this Extension tube hack for reversed lenses. I had seen such a hack previously and was hoping to do the same someday so I could have an MP-E equivalent in Nikon mount. (Reversed 18-55 lens with extension tube hack).

But reading the comments on that page, they pointed out that the aperture is mechanically controlled in Nikon lenses. I had forgotten that, and that fact would make doing the extension hack pointless for me. The only reason I wanted to do it was so that I could shoot with the lens wide open for focusing, and then the camera automatically stops it down when taking the photo.

The hack would probably work with aperture control for canon lenses, but since I already have the MP-E and don't have any canon extension tubes, I'm in no hurry to try it.

The rest of the day I processed a couple of Scotland panos.

Here's a rubbish picture I drew to check the pressure sensitivity of my wacom tablet was working. (Often it doesn't work in Photoshop when I first plug it in and I have to restart Photoshop, and sometimes even then it doesn't work. So I always test it before opening large files rather than opening the file only to find I have to close it again because the pressure sensitivity isn't working.)

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